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When you only working at night, that is very difficult weak up in the morning. 😞

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但是我不想講「香港已死」這樣的話,我對漁村是懷揣希望的。state of waiting的確苦悶又有很多煎熬,但「見字讀書,見字飲水」不是什麼場面話。搞好身體搞好知識儲備,中共想在這片土地做長線教育還是很難。

At the day before, somebody said the system is the group of the people to take the decision making. Now, that a group of nobody, let the shareholder to make the decision.

Nowadays, Hong Kong is already fully the part of the Chi-na. All the things belong to Chi-na. This is the gift to all they wanna be. If they dont wanna the rank down. They can use their small power to push up the shit.

Living in London 5 Months. I am still to earn the money not enough to pay for my daily live haha. Trying to save the money by the income by the following days.

How can imagine the fucking chinese employer to low pay and try to not fulfil legal requirement for the employee.

Found the job, so have no time to visit mastodon. 😂

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